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Indoor Visitation

The past year has been difficult as we’ve all been trying to manage through and with the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been even more difficult for you and for us here at Ontario Healthcare Center to be going through it with your families and loved ones here and not being able to see them face to face, to check in on them, to bring them things or to be with them even for a little while. But starting on Monday, April 5th, we are going to be allowing visitors into the facility again.

There will be a system in place to do this so we can continue to abide by the guidelines set for SNF’s to prevent another potential outbreak here in the facility. These systems will be outlined here but most likely also mentioned to you by a call from our Activities Director, Diane Alexander. She is the person to talk to or contact when trying to schedule a visit with your loved one.

Visitations will be allowed from 10 AM to 4 PM for 30 minute increments at a time. We need to have a designated visitation area which will be room 25. All visitors will need to be screened on entrance to the facility including checking temperatures, completing a screening form, and being checked for COVID-19 signs/symptoms. All visitors must also comply with our facility infection control policies which include hand hygiene, social distancing, and wearing appropriate PPE.

Visitors will need to be checked in and out of the facility and may be asked for proof of a COVID-19 negative test within 2 days (POC antigen testing may be done at the facility) and/or proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. The visitor and/or resident does not need to be partially or fully vaccinated to visit, but if both parties are fully vaccinated, there may be brief and limited physical contact. Any visitors for residents in the yellow zone (residents in PUI, new admission within 14 days, or any residents that frequently go out of the facility for appointments or dialysis) are required to wear full PPE including an n95 mask, face shields/goggles, gloves and isolation gown.

We will continue to allow outdoor/window visits as it does have a lower risk of transmission due to increase space in airflow but we are accommodating with indoor visitation in accordance with AFL 20-22.6. If you do have further questions please do not hesitate to call the facility and ask. And again I was to thank you for being patient and understanding with us as we try to control and eliminate COVID-19 from our facility and continue to give the care your families and loved ones deserve.