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Two woman sitting on a couch together smiling

“The family would like to thank all of the staff at Ontario Healthcare for all the love and attention that was given to our dad when he was under your care.”

“A sincere thanks to all of you.  Keep up the good job. We are glad my dad was accepted at Ontario and was able to find peace and a home there.”

“For going beyond and showing how much they care we would like to extend appreciation to your staff, you went the extra mile we wish there were more people like you in the industry.”

“Thank you so much for taking care of my sister the last 4 years.  We always knew she was well cared for in your facility.  We wish all of you the very best.”

It’s the level of care that you provide to us that really make this place feel like home. The nurses of OHC are a special group of friendly caring people who go above and beyond the call of duty to make us safe and happy. We really wish we could reward them with something more substantial in these tough economic times but all we can give is our thanks and praise. We don’t show it enough, but without you, this would not be the nice place it is today.”